Disciplinary Committee

Emil Aliyev
Head of the Disciplinary Committee

The main logical purpose of the Disciplinary Committee is to support and promote fair play, to protect the health and well-being of players.

Prompt, independent and proper consideration of violations of rugby rules is to ensure the high reputation of the game. The purpose of the committee is to take a professional approach to disciplinary action and sanctions for violations of the rules at all points in the game. An approach to assessing the severity of violations and achieving consistency and uniformity in the application of sanctions.

The activities of the Disciplinary Committee are based on international experience and recommendations and guidelines of World Rugby, as well as in the spirit of rugby. The International Rugby Council has established certain Basic Principles to be applied by all Associations, Federations and Associations at all levels of the game when enforcing disciplinary safeguards. And the activity of the Disciplinary Committee of the Azerbaijan Rugby Federation will be based on these principles.

Decisions and resolutions adopted by the Disciplinary Committee must be implemented by all structures and club leaders of the Azerbaijan Rugby Federation.

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