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Dear friends! Thanks for your interest to our project. As you know since last year rugby have been added to the list of sports in a program of Summer Olympic Games. Thereby the interest in rugby in Azerbaijan increased. Due to this event, we have developed the "Enermech Rugby-5" project, aimed at the promotion and development of rugby in Azerbaijan. According to the project, teams by rugby-5 among schoolboys of 5-8 forms have been created at few secondary schools in Baku. Teams are provided with training equipment and regular training sessions. In 2015, will be held the first Baku championship among these school teams by rugby-5. Subsequently, the number of schools will continue to grow both in Baku and in the regions, which will allow us to perform competitions in the framework of Azerbaijan championship among school teams. Rugby-5 is a kind of children's rugby in which to avoid injuries, there are no contacts between players. To stop the opponent with the ball enough to disrupt a special tag of his clothes. This game promotes the development of young athletes in such qualities as physical endurance, agility, teamwork and the will to win. Our project is aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle, attracting children to sports and the creation of the player base for junior and youth national teams of Azerbaijan by rugby in different age categories. We have no doubt that, as a result of our project in the coming years in Azerbaijan will be founded new talents which will successfully represent our country at major international competitions.

Coordinator and responsible for the development of the project Eldar Kerimov

Development Division of the Rugby Federation of Azerbaijan