Strategy of the Azerbaijan Rugby Federation for 2020-2026
Department of development Azerbaijan Rugby Union has worked out a plan for development rugby in Azerbaijan. The plan is divided into three stages:

a)    Initial or short-term which is urgent per se;
b)    Medium-term;
c)    Long-term (perspective).

Urgent goals include:

1.    Full audit of all rugby players (children and adults)
2.    Listing rugby players according to the age group
3.    Keeping a common register of rugby players ARU
4.    To identify criterion for identification a club and a team. To identify criterion of advantage of the club over the team.
5.    Identification and monitoring the structures of clubs and teams.
6.    To identify in which age groups there is an opportunity to staff the national team of rugby-7 and rugby-union.
7.    Reorganization of ARU structure i.e. to make necessary conditions to realize developing programs and projects.    
8.    To pave the way for training trainer, referee staff and commissioners. It is planning to cooperate with Georgian Rugby Union. Preliminary agreement has already achieved.
9.    To conduct licensing of trainers, referees and commissioners.
10.    Revision of available stadiums (quantity and condition).
11.    Producing data bank of potential sponsors and carrying on negotiations with them.
12.    Confirmation of republican rugby tournaments and festivals.

Reorganization of Azerbaijan Rugby Union structure

Target: to achieve maximum efficiency and flexibility with solving assigned tasks and realizing control over their fulfillment. 

1.    Administrative (President and General Secretary)
2.    Sporting
3.    Financial

Administrative and Financial departments’ duty is to render assistance to Sporting department. 

To plan criterion according to which intermediate control will be realized over fulfillment of assigned tasks. To set human reserve and financial source under each project. 
To involve government structure in solving assigned tasks (it is not only financial aid but any other for instance, providing resources for trainings, etc.).
To involve functionaries FIRA-AIR to detect directions in which FIRA-AIR can render a real aid – it can be children’s rugby or provide training base with necessary equipment’s. Nevertheless, it is desirable to be a perspective direction. Development of children and youth rugby and also popularization of rugby among young people is perspective. 
At the moment the project of development rugby in children’s home is making great progress. Despite this, there are some difficulties basically in providing with sports equipment’s.
For lack of means to rent training halls, we cannot give lessons to all comers.
Fund project of development children’s rugby has arranged. The project is under confirmation. In case of its confirmation, organizing committee for its realizing will be organized. 

Medium-term tasks
Being a member of FIRA and regularly taking part in European games during season though ARU considers that it is not enough for improving rugby players’ experience. On the assumption it is necessary to carry out work over increasing a number of tournaments and organize international tournament in Azerbaijan with the participation of regional teams. And also, to be involved in competitions of neighboring regions taking place in Russia, Georgia, Iran and Turkey. 
Work for increasing a number of teams will be carrying out in Baku and in regions of Azerbaijan.
To hold regularly both Republic Championship among adults and youth and festivals of children’s teams.
To train the team for taking part in the Olympic Games. 

Long-term (perspective).
Based on the uptrained results it is essential to represent the national rugby team at the international competition Rugby-7 and Rugby Union.

Azerbaijan Rugby Federation
Head of Development Committee

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