The management board of the Azerbaijan Rugby Federation has changed

News 19-Mar-2022, 11:23 emil 0 357
Experienced rugby player Ragif Huseynli has been elected as a president of the Federation. Prior to that, Huseynli performed his career as a member of England's "Worthing Raiders", Qatar's "Doha", Azerbaijan's "Baku Rugby Club", "Karabakh" Rugby Club and the Azerbaijani national team. At the same time, for many years he worked as the General Secretary of the Federation, and for the last year as the Sports Director of the "Karabakh" RC.

Nizami Mahmudov has been appointed as the new General Secretary of the ARF. The experienced athlete, who played in rugby clubs of Russia, Ukraine and Azerbaijan, as well as in the national team of Azerbaijan, has been working as the head coach of "Karabakh" RC since 2016.

Zulfugar Nabiyev, ARF's administrative affairs specialist since 2005 and chairman of the judges' committee for the last three years, has been appointed as vice-president for administrative affairs of the Federation. It should be noted that Z. Nabiyev has also played in "Baku Rugby Club" and the national team of Azerbaijan since 2005.

Sabuhi Garayev has been appointed as a vice-president of the federation for the regions. A long-time specialist in various sports at Gabala Sports Club, he will also support the development of rugby in the regions.

Eldar Karimov has been appointed as a Vice President for Development and Public Relations at ARF. After playing for the "Baku Rugby Club" and the Azerbaijani national team for a short time, he has been the founder and president of the "Karabakh" Rugby Club since 2015.

Athlete Muradkhan Farzaliyev, who has played many games for the national team since 2005, has been appointed as an Executive Director of ARF.

The names of the chairmen and members of the federation's coaches, judges and other committees, as well as other employees to be appointed, will be made public immediately after the upcoming meeting.

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